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About Us

 We have been in the business of glass smoking accessories since 2005. Ever since our establishment, we have been very passionate about our work. During our business career, we have done door-to-door sales, wholesale sales, opened shop in New York, moved throughout the states. So, we have a wide level of experience and expertise in this business. Now we are operating from our warehouse in Temple, TX.

We have a good artist base during our career. Also we have one in-house artist as well. We work together with artist to bring good quality products in reasonable price. We, as a buyer, stock colors and tubes in wholesale rates and pass that benefit to the artists and they make us genuine, beautiful and reasonable priced artworks.

Our products are designed with everyday user in mind. Our products can take the daily grind quite well. You can admire and adore the art, beauty, functionality and durability all the while using it regularly. Now no more stashing your pipes in cupboard and using cheap glass due to fear of breakage.